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Control Designer, Inc.   |   Offices: Orlando, FL (407) 243-9440  |  Steamboat Springs, CO (970) 744-4444


Control Designer, Inc. is a full-service residential and commercial custom electronics, design and integration company. We have over 15 years of control systems experience. We specialize in AMX, Crestron, URC Total Control, and many other automation systems that incorporate audio/video, energy management, lighting, motorized shades/drapes, HVAC, video surveillance, security, and all other technological needs. Our primary goal is to make your home or business manageable, safe, energy-efficient, elegant, fun, and easy-to-use. Our team is comprised of world-class experts in the field of control whose top priority is to provide the best products, services, and solutions to our clients.

We take pride in designing the best system to fit your specific needs. From low- to high-end, we listen, evaluate, and determine your needs and while staying within your budget. Whether you just moved into your new dream home/office or you are exhausted by your old system, we will work hard to provide you with the perfect solution.


Home Automation

Automation is the system or solution for integrating single or multiple electronic and network systems within your residence or business to provide easy operation and joint combination of your technology.

A Smart system is only as good as the devices that allow you to control it. Once we have integrated your new system with intelligence, the fun is taking control of those systems with the magical touch of a simple elegant interface device.

We work with only the best-in-class manufacturers to offer you a choice menu of capable products and devices to meet your project goals and personal needs.

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