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Articles in Category: Smart Home Control

Smart home control systems by Control Designer in Steamboat Springs, CO

Essential Smart-Home Upgrades For When You Remodel

Construction projects are an ideal time to make your home smarter with new technology.

Essential Smart-Home Upgrades For When You Remodel

Making further changes to your home when you’re already in the middle of a remodeling project may seem like a crazy idea, but renovations are actually a fantastic time to upgrade your home technology. You’re likely already redoing the walls and making other changes, which makes it easier to get at the wiring in your home and install any other necessary components. If you’re a homeowner in Steamboat Springs, CO, and looking to improve your smart home control, let Control Designer help you with all of your technology needs. Here are some upgrades to consider if you’re in the middle of a remodeling project or are about to start one.

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