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Articles tagged with: Smart Home Automation

Let’s Discuss 2 Popular Whole-House Audio Solutions

Want wireless control of the audio around your house? Keep reading to learn more about our two favorite systems.

Let’s Discuss 2 Popular Whole-House Audio Solutions

Considering music that permeates your whole residence and adds character to every room and outdoor space? We encourage that decision, and you’ve come to the right place. Control Designers has been installing and supporting whole-house audio in Steamboat Springs, CO, and surrounding areas for years. We can’t wait to revive your house with your favorite music!

Many clients prefer the ease and transferability of wireless music systems, so we’ll discuss our most popular today -- Control4 and Sonos. Since we install both brands, we can give you some pointers about each, such as perks and unique features, that should help guide you in the right direction. Keep reading to see how some of our favorite multi-room audio systems work; ways they are alike and different, and how they’ll benefit your home.

TAGS: Control4 Dealer | Smart Home | Smart Home Automation

How Could an Expert Control4 Dealer Help You?

Control Designer and Control4 combine to fulfill your home’s full potential. Here’s how.

How Could an Expert Control4 Dealer Help You?

With more smart electronics playing a role in our daily lives, we should be enjoying their capabilities at home, too. With Control4, you can adopt some of the most innovative full-home control that you ever imagined possible. Control4 enables any device in your home to collaborate with another, from locks to lights, doors to motorized drapes. Best of all, you can control all this and more from wherever you are.

To customize Control4 for your dream home, you’re going to need some help. As Steamboat Springs, CO’s expert Control4 dealer, we can assist in everything from consultation to installation to support. Keep reading to see how we and Control4 can achieve the fully integrated home you’ve always wanted.

TAGS: Control4 | Home Systems | Smart Home Automation | Smarth Home

Stay Warm on Frosty Nights with Smart Temperature Control

An Automated Thermostat Can Make Your Home More Comfortable While Saving You Money

Stay Warm on Frosty Nights with Smart Temperature Control

It’s no secret that Colorado winters can last well into the spring months of March and April, leaving you with many days of freezing temperatures ahead. This can make for some unpleasant days, especially if you come home and your house is also frigid.

TAGS: Nest | Smart Home Automation | temperature control | Temperature Control Steamboat Springs CO

Motorized Shades: A Treat for Your Windows This Winter

Learn More About the Unexpected Bonuses of Automated Shades

Motorized Shades: A Treat for Your Windows This Winter

Automated shades obviously provide an effortless way to raise and lower the shades in your home. But did you know they can also conserve energy, boost your mood, ensure safety, and much more? Keep reading to see the many unexpected benefits of motorized shades in your Steamboat Springs, CO home, and why they’re really beneficial during the winter season.

TAGS: Home Automation | Home Lighting Control | Lighting and Shading Control | Lighting Control | Motorized Shades | Smart Home Automation