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Articles in Category: Smart Home

5 Overlooked Smart Home Technologies That Enhance Everyday Life

Check out these devices to find new ways to relax in comfort at home

5 Overlooked Smart Home Technologies That Enhance Everyday Life

Smart home automation can take many forms and include many different devices. Common applications for home automation include home theaters, home audio systems and lighting control. But there’s so much more to home automation, including devices and systems you likely haven’t yet considered. At Control Designer, we want to make your experience at home as pleasant as possible, so we’ve put together this list of home automation systems that you may have overlooked but would make a great fit for your Steamboat Springs home.

TAGS: home intercom | motorized shades | Smart home automation | smart security

Need a Stress-Free Vacation? Use Smart Technology.

Here’s Why a Smart Home Won’t Fail You

Need a Stress-Free Vacation? Use Smart Technology.

If you have a vacation home, it’s likely not being utilized consistently year-round. Often, when houses are not occupied consistently — or go unoccupied for a few months at a time — issues can arise that make your vacation more stressful, which doesn’t exactly sound like the best way to relax.

Fortunately, a smart home can avoid those issues when the right technology is utilized. Keep your Winter Park area vacation home ready at all times so that you can enjoy your time away stress-free.

TAGS: Energy-efficiency | Lighting control | Vacation home