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Articles in Category: Smart Home Automation

The Top Technology for Your 2019 Resolutions

Build Comfort and Convenience Into Your Colorado Home!

The Top Technology for Your 2019 Resolutions

By now, we hope you’ve finalized your list of holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Have you considered that maybe you should buy yourself a gift that helps you meet your home goals next year? With all the new smart home automation tools emerging onto the scene, there’s no excuse not to splurge on some dynamic automation tools for your Steamboat Springs, CO home. Let’s explore some of the offerings Control Designer can help you install.

What Really Makes a Home Smart?

Smart Home Automation Solutions for Your Steamboat Springs Home

What Really Makes a Home Smart?

You may have heard of smart ovens, smart refrigerators, and smart washing machines, but what exactly makes an item smart? And what determines whether or not you are living in a smart home? The team at Control Designer is here to tell you that smart home automation isn’t as much about connecting your coffee machine to the Internet as it is about turning all the lights on and lowering the shades at the same time with your phone. Here’s the scoop on what really makes a home smart, as well as a comprehensive summary of the best solutions we offer to everyone in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and beyond.

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