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Stay Warm on Frosty Nights with Smart Temperature Control

An Automated Thermostat Can Make Your Home More Comfortable While Saving You Money

Stay Warm on Frosty Nights with Smart Temperature Control

It’s no secret that Colorado winters can last well into the spring months of March and April, leaving you with many days of freezing temperatures ahead. This can make for some unpleasant days, especially if you come home and your house is also frigid.

What if there was a way to make your home more comfortable while also improving your energy efficiency? There’s an easy way to do so: smart thermostats. Using a device like the Nest Thermostat and an array of temperature sensors, you can control the temperature in any room remotely using your phone, all the while gaining valuable insight into your energy usage. 

Not convinced? Let’s look at what smart temperature control has to offer Steamboat Springs homeowners. 

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Remote Control 

As we mentioned earlier, coming home to a cold home is an unpleasant experience that’s best avoided if possible. If you install a Nest Thermostat or similar device, you can adjust the temperature from your phone whenever you want. That way you can come home to a house that’s warm and toasty, fire up your home audio system and unwind in comfort. 

Adding an array of sensors gives you even greater control by granting the ability to manipulate the temperature in individual rooms. That way you can keep certain areas warm throughout the day while saving money by keeping other rooms cooler. 

If you prefer, you can also automate the whole process by programming your thermostat for certain temperatures at different times during the day. Set your Nest to turn down the temperature during the day when nobody’s home, have the heat kick in as you head home and arrive at a house that’s at the exact temperature you want. 

Smarter Tools 

A smart thermostat like the Nest is also an excellent way to lower your utility bills. As it’s being used, the Nest Learning Thermostat studies your energy usage throughout your home and adjusts itself accordingly to maintain maximum efficiency. 

According to the Nest website, the Learning Thermostat can cut your heating bills by around 10-12 percent and your heating bills by 15 percent. At that rate, the device quickly pays for itself. 

Your Nest also gives you valuable insights into exactly how your energy is being used. The thermostat tracks temperature fluctuations in individual rooms and throughout your home over time, showing which areas are most sensitive to change and ripe for a remodeling job. That way you can find a more permanent solution to any problems in your home’s HVAC system. 

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