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Motorized Shades: A Treat for Your Windows This Winter

Learn More About the Unexpected Bonuses of Automated Shades

Motorized Shades: A Treat for Your Windows This Winter

Automated shades obviously provide an effortless way to raise and lower the shades in your home. But did you know they can also conserve energy, boost your mood, ensure safety, and much more? Keep reading to see the many unexpected benefits of motorized shades in your Steamboat Springs, CO home, and why they’re really beneficial during the winter season.

At Control Designer, we typically use Lutron’s motorized shades because of their convenient integrations with the most ubiquitous automation products, such as Control4. Also, Lutron’s window treatments are available in an impressive variety of models, textures, and colors to suit every design taste and home construction. We’ll discuss your home needs during your consultation and determine which of Lutron’s many shade offerings works best for you. 

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Display Winter Landscapes

All of us who live in Colorado know that we reside in one of the most gorgeous places in the world. Why not show off those majestic, snow-capped mountains within your home’s view with motorized shades?

If you have large windows displaying the town, mountains, or ski resorts, enjoy the view by raising the shades. If you prefer, you can set automatic scenes that do this for occasions, such as when guests arrive or even during a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home. 

Conserve Energy  

Automated shades such as Lutron’s Hyperion solar-activated shading conserve energy by responding to the natural sunlight in the room. When you sync your motorized window treatments with your lighting controls, light sensors will raise and lower the shades depending on how much light you need. 

You can save energy by retaining heat, too. Sivoia QS Triathlon’s honeycomb products have been praised for their insulation capabilities. Since windows are a significant source of heat loss during the winter, raising the shades during the winter allows the light to warm up your home, even during frigid-temperature days. Conversely, lowering your shades during the summer takes the pressure off your HVAC system and helps cool your home naturally. 

Protect the Family 

When you’re not at home to enjoy your view, why not lower the shades to keep intruders from seeing your valuable possessions from the window? You can add motorized shades to your suite of smart home security applications and create what we call a “Mockupancy” scene. Shades typically lower during a mock-occupancy since it tricks passersby into thinking that a resident is home and wants privacy. 

Boost Your Mood

When you allow light into your home at peak times, you can expect some mood-boosting benefits. Letting the light in with automatic shading that harvests the sunlight in your home staves off seasonal depression by making the most of each daylight hour. You can set a timer for the shades, so they rise as soon as the sun does. 

If you want to try motorized shades for the first time, Control Designer would love to show you their many benefits firsthand. Just call us at 970.744.4444 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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