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5 Overlooked Smart Home Technologies That Enhance Everyday Life

Check out these devices to find new ways to relax in comfort at home

5 Overlooked Smart Home Technologies That Enhance Everyday Life

Smart home automation can take many forms and include many different devices. Common applications for home automation include home theaters, home audio systems and lighting control. But there’s so much more to home automation, including devices and systems you likely haven’t yet considered. At Control Designer, we want to make your experience at home as pleasant as possible, so we’ve put together this list of home automation systems that you may have overlooked but would make a great fit for your Steamboat Springs home.

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You wouldn’t necessarily think automating something as simple as your windows shades would make a big difference in your life. But the truth is motorized shades can make your life much more comfortable and save you money at a relatively low cost. Motorized shades offer greater convenience by making it easier to control the lighting in any room from a single device, and they can save you money by better harnessing the available sunlight.


Again, your locks and doorbells are relatively low-tech features of your home, which makes them less obvious candidates for automation. But there are still significant gains to be had from automating from smart locks and doorbells. A smart doorbell gives you a live video feed of whoever’s at your door whenever you want it, and you can use a smart lock to let someone in and then remotely lock the door behind them.

Smart locks also make it easy to make sure your home is locked down tight when you leave by letting you lock every door at once from one device. These features make smart locks and doorbells great automation features for when you go on vacation.


This ties into what we just talked about with smart locks and doorbells, but a smart security system is a great way to gain greater peace of mind. A network of cameras and sensors can give you real-time information on what’s happening at your home 24/7.

These systems also can be programmed to send alerts to your phone or another device if something happens, letting you respond quickly while also avoiding any nasty surprises when you return home.


Having to shout to let your family know it’s time for dinner is an exhausting ritual, so why not eliminate the hassle with a digital intercom system? These systems allow you to make audio or video calls to any room from a wall panel, touchscreen device or your phone, giving you instant communication whenever you need it. You can also use the intercom to make calls to every room in the house as well as make and receive calls from outside lines. This ensures reliable communication to your home no matter the circumstance.


Home automation systems come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t feel like you need to go with whatever’s flashiest or the most expensive; relatively small upgrades can make a big impact in your life. To learn more about how Control Designer can help you automate and simplify your life, call us at 970.744.4444 or visit us online.

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