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Lighting and Shading Control: 4 Ways to Stylize Your Orlando Home

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Lighting and Shading Control: 4 Ways to Stylize Your Orlando Home

In the wintertime, the daylight leaves us earlier, and we tend to spend more time inside. Even in sunny Orlando, Florida it can be easy to get off schedule and feel affected by the time change. One unique benefit of having lighting and shading control is that you can keep your family on a schedule and ensure your home looks beautiful all year round.

You could have stunning furnishings, lovely colors on the walls and artwork throughout your spaces, but the wrong lighting settings will affect the overall look and feel of your home. Control Designer not only meets Florida homeowners’ basic needs of lighting and shading installation, but we also incorporate lighting fixtures, designs, and automation into the overall look and feel of your home. Here are three ways we use lighting and shading control design to make your property look gorgeous.

  1. Place Lights in the Right Locations

When you hire Control Designer to install your lighting, we go above and beyond to make your home look as beautiful as possible. As professional lighting installers, we have the ability to strategically place your lights in the right spots to not only illuminate your spaces but also highlight and complement décor. Downlights for example can be placed in the kitchen under cabinets to brighten your beautiful marble countertops, or even near your hanging artwork to bring attention to your favorite pieces. We’ll also ensure each light is evenly spaced and distributed so that every area has coverage. If you enjoy spending time outside, outdoor lighting can help illuminate your driveway, gardens, pool, or patio.

  1. Schedule Your Shades to Operate at the Right Times

Once you’ve invested in home furnishings, it’s equally important to protect them. Window treatments help preserve your chairs, couches, and artwork since they block harmful UV rays. Solar shades are made of a special material that is able to let in light, but prevent the sun’s rays from harming your home. Double roller applications allow you to use two different types of shades for various uses. We can install a blackout shade for when you want complete privacy or want to enjoy a movie, and also a solar shade for the daytime when you want to let some natural light in but also keep your furnishings in top condition.

  1. Set the Mood with Customizable Controls

Lighting levels are a big part of setting the mood in your home. Bright lighting can invigorate you while soft lighting can make you feel relaxed. Our dimmers make it easy to enhance your lighting and control your environment for every occasion. Reduce the lighting level for a romantic dinner with your partner, or turn them all the way up to full capacity for a high-energy workout in your home gym. Of course, you can always experience the magic of automation as well by integrating your lighting with other functions. Using your control system, save settings together – dim the chandelier in the dining room, turn on the jazz playlist, and set the thermostat to a cozy 74. Hit one button and you’re ready for a relaxing night in. All you need is a nice bottle of wine. 

Your motorized shades can also play a part in making your home a cozy and inviting space. Sync your shades and lights together so that when the sun is bright, you get to enjoy the natural brilliance by opening the shades and dimming the artificial lights. Then as the sun sets, your shades will draw to give your family privacy and the lights will slowly get brighter until evening comes.

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  1. Automate Your Home with Lighting

Lights can be automated with local weather and time of day to brighten or lower at needed times.  With occupancy sensors, lights can turn on and off automatically once you walk in or leave a room.  With time of day, lights can turn on at low levels to create pathways in the middle of the night or turn on high levels when you want to clean. 

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