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Essential Smart-Home Upgrades For When You Remodel

Construction projects are an ideal time to make your home smarter with new technology.

Essential Smart-Home Upgrades For When You Remodel

Making further changes to your home when you’re already in the middle of a remodeling project may seem like a crazy idea, but renovations are actually a fantastic time to upgrade your home technology. You’re likely already redoing the walls and making other changes, which makes it easier to get at the wiring in your home and install any other necessary components. If you’re a homeowner in Steamboat Springs, CO, and looking to improve your smart home control, let Control Designer help you with all of your technology needs. Here are some upgrades to consider if you’re in the middle of a remodeling project or are about to start one.


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Let’s face it: While we all like to show off our home audio and video systems, the fact remains that speakers and screens take up a lot of space in a room and can be visually unappealing. Why not solve this problem by hiding your equipment? Speakers can be hidden in the walls or ceiling, while your TV can sit in specially designed furniture or behind a panel until it’s ready for use. This approach improves your interior design while also minimizing clutter and creating a system that’s truly unique to your home. If you haven’t switched to a whole home audio-video system, remodeling also offers the opportunity to expand your system to include your entire house.



Wouldn’t it be nice to control the temperature, lights, shades, audio, and video throughout your house from one device? Smart appliances such as thermostats, light sensors, and other equipment can help make this a reality by bringing all these elements together in one interface.

Everything becomes easier to use once you can make changes using one remote or keypad instead of adjusting each element individually. You can also create preset “scenes” to make your life even easier, for instance by creating an “away” scene that locks your doors and windows, lowers the shades, and sets the temperature when you leave for work at the touch of a button. Add a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home to give you the power of voice control.

Automation can also help lower your energy costs. Motorized shades, light sensors, and other devices help maximize solar heat in the winter while keeping your home insulated in warmer months.



There are a number of security solutions that are easy to install while you’re renovating your home. Outdoor and indoor security cameras, smart doorbells, motion sensors, and other devices can all help improve your peace of mind. Even better, all these devices can be linked together to increase their versatility. A smart doorbell that’s linked to your security system lets you see who’s at the front door no matter where you are in the house, while motion sensors and cameras can be set to send alerts to your phone if an emergency arises. Just make sure your home network is up to the task.



If any of these renovation projects interest you, it’s time to contact Control Designer. As your Steamboat Springs experts in smart home technology, we have the experience, skill, and commitment to customer service to tackle whatever project you have in mind. Call us at (970) 744-4444, or visit us online and fill out our contact form.


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