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Don’t Make These 3 Common Mistakes in Your Home Audio Video Setup

A Professional Integrator Ensures these Mistakes Don’t Happen

Don’t Make These 3 Common Mistakes in Your Home Audio Video Setup

So you’re ready to upgrade your home’s audio/video system; what now? Many homeowners are eager to shop for equipment and incorporate the latest technology into their home. But jumping straight to purchasing speakers or a receiver without being informed about how it interacts with different room layouts and with other equipment isn’t such a smart move.

With our professional experience in the industry, we’re aware of what can go wrong in a home audio video setup and how to prevent those mistakes from happening in the first place. When approaching your Colorado home’s AV installation, working with a seasoned, professional integrator is a strategic move that will save you time and stress while ensuring that your setup is completed correctly the first time — not after several attempts and headaches along the way.

In this blog, we will look at three common mistakes homeowners make in their AV setup, and how you can avoid them.


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Incompatible Devices

You may see speakers you really like, a receiver, and an amp that have impressive specs. However, if each device is individually impressive but not compatible in aesthetic, design or technology — or maybe they don’t enhance the other’s function — then you’re not going to get the most out of your system.


Ignoring Room Layout and Dimensions

Some rooms benefit more from hidden speaker technology. If the room’s layout doesn’t allow for large standing speakers — maybe it’s a narrow space or you have a lot of décor, or perhaps you’re going for a particular aesthetic that speakers will clash with — then hidden speakers are a smart move.

The biggest mistake you can make is ignoring the room’s dimensions and layout. This makes just as much of an impact on the end result as the technology you place in it. In addition to the layout, look at the material in the room. Is the floor hardwood or tile? A room that’s carpeted will absorb the audio’s echoes, whereas a room with tile flooring often results in the sound bouncing off from it, thus lowering the audio quality.

As such, many aspects of the space will affect the way sound carries throughout. Working with a professional integrator will ensure that the right measurements are taken, and everything is taken into account to make the best equipment and installation decisions.


Not Using a Control System

Your AV system can be easily managed and adjusted from a single source. A mistake homeowners may make is not utilizing it when available. Working with an integrator means that you can connect everything to your control system that you easily access on your smartphone or tablet.

Adjust the audio and screens when needed without getting up from your seat. Control makes experiencing and costuming your audio video system a breeze.


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