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Does Your Conference Room AV Work as Hard As You Do?

Impress Clients and Improve Efficiency with a New Conference Room Installation

Does Your Conference Room AV Work as Hard As You Do?

Are you spending more time in meetings figuring out audio video devices than actually conducting business? Need a conference room upgrade? Your Steamboat Springs, CO, office needs highly customized commercial automation and a new conference room installation.

Though often overlooked when managers are reviewing a company budget, a modernized conference room installation may unlock the secret to employee satisfaction, efficient meetings, and even increased revenue. Here’s how.

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Speed Up Meetings!

When the meeting presenter doesn’t know how to configure the audio video equipment, attendees lose valuable time. Position your meeting for success by letting Control Designer install an intuitive conference room, complete with audio, video, motorized shades, video-conferencing equipment, shades, and anything else you may want or need. Control4 can synch up all those technologies and more, so even an impromptu meeting can be queued up whenever you need it.

When you lose the frustration of complicated setup, the presentation starts and finishes on time. During the meeting, you can engage everyone on the call and instantly connect remote employees.

Not only that, when you can easily hear someone without network disruption or speaker dissonance, you won’t have to ask people to repeat information multiple times. A Control4 tabletop solution or smartphone application means you won’t have leave your seat to dim a light or turn up the volume. You can fully focus on the meeting.

Impress Clients and Prospects

Any client or prospect will respect your investment in updated office technology, especially in the conference room. Remember, many critical business relationships begin in your boardroom, so don’t neglect essential details such as audio quality, streamlined controls and soundproofing.

Clients can visit your office for meetings and feel at ease using the control system and atmosphere. In prospect relationships, ensure you don’t lose potential revenue due to outdated office equipment, which might give a prospect the impression that you’re not forward-thinking enough to meet their needs.

Boost Employee Morale

Your employees serve as the voice and advocates of your company. Make their work lives more connected and enjoyable with conference room equipment they know how to use, controls that work for them, and audio video equipment that keeps them engaged.

By the way, did you know that companies with engaged employees earn nearly 2.5 times the revenue of those with a less-inspired staff? A fulfilled team will refer prospective employees and clients, bringing an additional surge in quality talent and company growth. Isn’t that what any business wants?

Ready to increase revenue while delighting key contacts? Find out more about revamping your office so that it meets the needs of real people! Call us at (970) 744-4444 or fill out our contact form so we can get a clearer idea of your priorities and preferences. We can’t wait to talk to you!

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