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Here we go again...HDMI 2.0

Now, 4K resolutions comes with the latest in HDMI technology. HDMI 2.0 is the next generation of one of the most commonly used formats in home audio/video systems. This upgrade is designed to increase both frame rates and color for your 4K viewing. There's been a lot of confusion as to if you will need to switch out the old HDMI cables with new ones. After some research, it seems like the most recent version (HMDI 1.4) only needs an upgrade with its internal microchip on your devices and sources, not the cable. I think the sky is the limit with the newest technology coming out. It's crazy to know that TV technology has come so far from the original 16 frames per second rate.

-Stephanie Samples, Office Manager, UCF Graphic Design Student

While the prospect of having to update to a new HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) protocol on your devices can seem daunting. The current cabling will largely be unaffected. HDCP 2.2/HDMI 2.0 is more about the connection between source (cable box, DVD….etc.) and display (TV, Projector…etc.) than the cable.  The roll out of the new protocol will most likely be a slow process to allow users the ability to upgrade along with the security, and new hardware. While enabling faster communication between devices and a better resolution and frame rate, the new HDMI 2.0 will benefit most users who frequently desire 4K content.  4K signal will be available at a full 60 frames per second which will provide a more crisp and clean picture. So even though it may seem to be a bit of a hassle, know that the updates will allow you to further future proof your home audio/video system.

-Merrick Geldner, Service Manager

Yes, if you are using HDMI 1.4 cabling this change will not affect your cabling. But with both HDCP 2.2/HDMI 2.0 it requires an upgraded microchip in your equipment. This change has to be upgraded in the entire chain of connections. Therefore your projector/TV, your receiver, and your source device (cable box, satellite box, and/or Blu-ray player) has to have this hardware change for 4K viewing changes.  This entire upgrade was directed towards 4K UHD. Currently based on the maximum speeds of data passing through the existing technology, it can only support up to 24 to 30 frames per second and 8 bits of color with 4K resolution. In order to support frame rates up to 60 and 12 bits of color this change was necessary.

And now they have released HDMI 2.0a. Luckily this change is only firmware based therefore if you already have the upgraded equipment for HDMI 2.0 then you are not affected. What is the change now? The answer is HDR (High Dynamic Range). This technology is designed to vastly improve the contrast between light and dark images. I hope to see this technology at the upcoming CEDIA conference. This is supposed to be a game changer for the 4K content. I am also hoping to see more 4K content. Again all these changes are for 4K which currently there is no real easy access to content.  

-Curtis LeMaster, Control Systems Integrator, Owner

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