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How to Entertain Family and Friends During the Holidays with Home Audio and Video

Enjoy Thanksgiving with Quality Audiovisuals in Your Colorado Home

How to Entertain Family and Friends During the Holidays with Home Audio and Video

Usually people associate Thanksgiving with food, and lots of it. It’s also one of the best times of the year to reconnect with family and friends over a delicious meal. But when you’re not catching up with your relatives, you want to enjoy a football game or holiday program this time of year. After all, quality time isn’t just about great conversations; it’s also about making memories together during fun activities. A lot of work goes into preparing your home for the holidays, so we have a few ideas for you on how to get your Steamboat Springs, CO home ready with home audio and video and without the hassle. Keep reading this blog to learn more. 

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Projectors, Screens and TVs: Which model do I choose?

Confused about the best choice for sound and video to satisfy friends and family in your home? When you hire Control Designer, we assist you with choosing from the many options for home entertainment.

Projectors:Epson is known for developing some of the best projectors in the home theater industry. They are the number-one selling projector manufacturer worldwide. Depending on your budget, you could go all out and get a 4K model, or a high-quality HD projector which will also produce incredible images. Projectors produce bigger images and are more suitable for large rooms or basements. You’ll want to invest in a good projector over a TV when you want a huge image for a big space or secluded room.

TVs:TVs are a good choice when you want to watch sports games or shows in a lot of different places, like outside on the deck, in the kitchen, in your bedroom, or the living room. We could also install multiple TVs alongside each other to create a video wall that allows you to watch different channels at the same time, play video games in a multi-player mode, or watch one giant image on all of them.

Screens:If you choose a projector, then you need a screen to go along with it. We have certain screens that can be viewed in direct sunlight without massive color distortion. You can keep the windows open and still enjoy Sunday afternoon football games, or sip a beer out on the deck and watch baseball games in the Spring. Our team can also hide your screen and projector when they are not in use so it doesn’t disrupt your home’s décor. Hit a button, and the projector and screen appears in seconds.

Surround Yourself with Music

One way to create a festive ambiance during the holidays is to play music. In order to stream themed playlists, you’ll need a whole house audio system and a control device to manage all your radio stations, personal music collections, and streaming subscriptions. Control Designer will first install speakers in the ceiling throughout your home so you can play music in every area.  Then we will setup your control system so you can easily select songs, albums and playlists from popular sources like Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, and XM Sirius Radio. If your home theater is in a separate room, then we can install a surround sound system to go along with it. That way some guests will be able to watch the football game in the home theater, and others can enjoy holiday tunes in the kitchen while the turkey is cooking. No matter what your aim is for Thanksgiving Day, our team can create a customized solution to fit your exact needs and personal preferences for home entertainment.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?Contact us todayto upgrade your Colorado home theater or media room so you can enjoy every season in luxury.

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