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Home automation just got a little bit easier

Home automation just got a little bit easier

There’s no surprise that the home automation business is growing every month. D-Link is no exception to the hype when they released they were coming out with a new smart home hub. Though many details haven’t been released about the upcoming hub, it is said that it will be affordable and with the quality between a very low end system to a very expensive system. Using Z-Wave and WiFi technology this hub system will be compatible with many third party products such as alarms and other security accessories. D-Link is also setting up to release Z-Wave sensors that will pick up the e-mitting Z-Wave coming from your existing and new Z-Wave products.

Everything will be controlled by your smartphone via the mydlink home app. Though pricing and availability hasn’t been released yet, some home automation enthusiasts expect there to have been many similar products shown at the CES 2015 convention starting Jan 5th. "I think that this system could be on the brink of something great, but with the quality structure being so confusing as well as not knowing the exact price either, there's no real way to tell. Hopefully D-Link will release some information soon about this new automation product."

-Stephanie Samples, Office Manager, UCF Graphic Design Student

The expandability and low cost entry point for Z-wave appliances makes this emerging technology a great starting point for many people interested in home automation. Trusted names like D-Link make buying this new technology a little safer due to their ability to provide the technical support and troubleshooting steps that will be needed by many as the foray into a new world of home control.  "What sells these systems, however, is the standardized Z-Wave protocol as you don’t HAVE to be constrained by a single brand. The ability to mix and match brands and equipment will be a huge draw for many consumers looking to upgrade their homes. I believe this is a very important aspect for anyone who is just starting out with a home automation system or adding to an existing one. Keep a sharp eye out for this and many other Z-wave appliances hitting the shelves soon, and don’t be afraid to give it a try."

-Merrick Geldner, Service Manager

This is just another example of how the industry is evolving to reach every price point. Companies like D-Link, Nest, Apple (HomeKit), ADT, AT&T, Home Depot, and many others are just trying to get a piece of the action. All these devices and systems are perfect for the DIY crowd. The combination of these devices or a central control system of these devices is where we come in.  Yes, the equipment and features are dropping since the inception of the iPhone/iPad. It is so exciting being part of an industry that is on the verge of explosion. "I still think we are still not even close to the tip of the iceberg. Over the next two years we should really see this industry take off. The future calls for system packages that will be a part of all new construction and remodel."  These systems will automate the house and be fully monitored just like most people do with their security system. They will be smart enough to notify us of changes, energy impact, and needs for service. They will make our houses more “green”, efficient, and self sufficient. And all this will be available to all levels of income. Again, it is really exciting times. Please stay tuned!

-Curtis LeMaster, Control Systems Integrator, Owner

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