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Media Rooms: The New Home Theater Trend

The Evolution of the Home Theater

Media Rooms: The New Home Theater Trend

For years, dedicated home theaters were incredibly popular in the audio/video community. If you wanted a top-notch theater in your home in the Steamboat Springs, CO area, you installed a system in a dedicated space like a basement or extra bedroom. Today, however, media rooms are becoming the popular trend because you don’t need additional space to enjoy an at-home cinema experience. The home theater experience is evolving. In this blog we’ll cover the new trend of media rooms and some of the pros and cons of installing one in your Colorado home.

What is a media room?

A media room is a multi-purpose room in your home that is often used for watching TV, listening to music, playing games, and entertaining guests. It can easily transform from a home theater to a game room or a listening room. Imagine enjoying some craft cocktails with friends one moment and then revealing a hidden TV to watch a movie or sporting event the next.

The Pros and Cons

A media room would be the perfect choice for someone who either doesn’t have an extra room for a dedicated theater, or someone who likes open spaces that can be used for many different activities. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages:

The Pros:
Socialization: A media room is a great option for families who want to include their home theater system in common areas. Many interior designers choose an open concept in homes so that rooms aren’t divided. Open areas give parents the ability to watch their kids as they cook or clean. They can glance from the kitchen to the living room easily. Open concepts are also beneficial for entertaining. Instead of sitting in a dark room and watching a film, your guests can converse with you, eat or drink, and watch a show or sporting event at the same time.

Flexibility: By concealing your technology, you can easily transform the area from living room to home theater. For example, we could hide a TV behind a piece of art or in a mirror so that all you have to do is press a button on your tablet or smartphone to begin a movie. You can have a cocktail party one moment and then play a video game the next. Or create a cinema mode where the lights dim and your movie begins.

The Cons:
Design and décor: Design compromises may have to be made to allow the system to blend in with the rest of the home’s décor. Some may like the way their home theater system blends into your home’s interior design, while others may have hard time incorporating the technology into their design preferences.

Acoustics: Another con to installing a media room is the noise control. It’s more difficult to contain loud volumes when there aren’t surrounding walls. With no doors or soundproofing, enjoying a loud movie or football game may disturb the rest of your family members or even your next-door neighbors.

Whether you want a media room or a dedicated theater, Control Designer can provide both to your family. Let us know which you prefer and we will customize your Colorado home based on your personal style and needs.

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