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Stay Comfortable with Lighting and Shading Control

Reap Amazing Benefits in Every Season with Automated Lighting and Motorized Shades

Stay Comfortable with Lighting and Shading Control

It’s always exciting when the snow starts to melt in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. But in the spring, temperatures can go up and down sporadically as the season transitions from one to the next. How do you keep your home at the right temperature every day and also save energy throughout the year? In this blog we have some tips for you on how to use a lighting and shading control system to stay comfortable and save energy.

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Use an App to Control Lights and Shades Anywhere, Anytime

One of the best things about having a smart home is being able to customize it for your everyday needs and personal preferences. When spring or summer comes, you can set your smart home system to maintain a certain temperature and save energy at the same time.

Adjust your home’s features at any time with an app installed on your phone or tablet. For example, program your motorized shades to lower every day at 11 a.m. when the sun is strong and then raise at dusk. Time your lights to turn on once those shades go down to give you more light.

You could also set your thermostat to lower when it’s hottest, and then raise it once the sun goes down. Then, save the settings to a title of your choosing like “cool down” or “summer mode” so you don’t have to do all the work of putting in the settings again manually.

Create specific sequences or adjust your lights and shades remotely at any moment. You have full control in every weather.

Use Different Shade Fabrics for Varying Seasons

With our motorized shades, you get both performance and beauty. We have various types of fabrics, including ones that block UV rays at various levels, like sheer and blackout. The amount of light you want allowed into your home is up to you. Use super sheer shades in the winter to let daylight in and heat the room, and then blackout shades in the summer to give your AC a break.

We can even install double roller applications that have both types of fabric on the same window. So when the weather fluctuates, your motorized shades will do the same. Get an unexpected snow on Easter morning? Since the sun isn’t out yet, keep your blackout shades down to help insulate the home. Turn your heat up to warm the house and brighten the lighting to liven your mood. As the sun gets higher in the sky and the snow stops falling, re-adjust the temperature and raise the shades to let the sun in.

Another benefit of working with a local automation expert like us is that you can coordinate your technology with interior design style. Our smart solutions never sacrifice beauty for functionality. Get the color and the fabric you want and still reap amazing benefits in the process.

Our team can design a climate control and energy-saving system that keeps you cool in the summer, or warm in the winter too! Just fill out this online form to get started!

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