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Take These Steps for a Better Internet Connection

Invest in Network Installation Services for a Better Smart Home

Take These Steps for a Better Internet Connection

You may wonder, 'what makes a smart home run perfectly?’ While there are many factors to installing a fully integrated smart home, there is one key factor that is often overlooked – the network. It may seem obvious, but many times the problem lies with the Internet connection, not with the device, design, or the installation company.

The true secret to an effective smart home is the network installation. In order to live an electronic lifestyle, you need strong internet connections established in your Winter Park, Florida home. Without it, every other aspect fails. Your wireless Internet connection is the backbone of the smart home. Continue reading this article to discover why a home network is so important and what services we offer to guarantee a perfect smart home operation.

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Our Smart Secret

The reality is that you can purchase a quality smart home system and the performance of the devices will still only be as good as the network it runs on. You can’t expect perfect performance using the modem and router supplied by your local Internet Service Provider or electronic store. You need professional equipment and a professional install.

The network is the 'secret ingredient' – the foundation – of your smart home. So it’s best to invest in networking solutions that can support all of the connected devices you own. A bad network will produce poor quality video streaming, slow download speeds, and interruptions in your smart home performance. Oftentimes, people wrongly blame the integration system or device for the problem when in reality all they have to do is fix their network. Here’s a run-down of our networking services:

Our Networking Services

Control Designer uses quality, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi technology to support the smart homes we install throughout the Winter Park, Florida area. Here is an in-depth summary of the steps we take to ensure your connection is strong and reliable.

Assessment: Maybe you have a custom home theater and want to download 4K content or hi-fi music. Or perhaps you have an integrated home system and you need to be connected constantly and consistently. Either way, we match the size of your home with our network packages. Our team will assess your home to acquire the specifications of the technology in order to recommend the right networking equipment. The Control Designer team will take your specific applications, usage patterns, devices, and conditions of the home into consideration so that we can customize your home network. We'll make sure it's powerful enough to transmit all the connections you want – from lighting and shading to security and home theater control.

Planning: After the assessment phase, our staff designs a plan to get your smart home up and running with premier performance. We'll give you an estimate price on a networking service and package. We can move forward with the installation after we go over those details with you and you sign off on the proposal.

Installation: Control Designer uses both wired and wireless networking solutions to ensure that your Internet connection remains steady. We'll place wireless access points in key areas of your home and check all of the connections to avoid any pitfalls and ensure no loss of Internet coverage throughout your home. If we discover that additional work or equipment is needed, we'll let you know before we proceed any further. All of the equipment won't affect your decor, and we'll install components out of the way so that it won't create clutter – out of sight, out of mind.

Service & Support: One of the greatest benefits of working with a local smart home company is that you get more personalized service and support. You won't have to wait on the phone for long periods of time or talk to a scripted robot on the phone. Our team will respond personally and fix your problem quickly. Since we already know the ins and outs of your system, it will be easy to come up with a solution. It doesn't matter if we installed the system two or 20 years ago—we'll take your service call and install updates as needed.

Do you need a better Internet connection? Or perhaps you are interested in a new smart home install. To get started with us, fill out this online form and we'll schedule a discovery meeting with you.

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