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How a High-Speed Network Gives You The Functionality and Protection You Need

Say Goodbye to Your Slow Network!

How a High-Speed Network Gives You The Functionality and Protection You Need

With the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things and the connectedness it provides, homeowners need a secure network more than ever. Unfortunately, the conventional tricks, like buying multiple routers or investing in more expensive internet packages, aren’t working anymore. Our integration pros enjoy the capabilities of Control4’s Pakedge technology for optimizing the home network services in your Steamboat Springs, CO home.

The experts at Control Designer can help you identify the best options for Internet service, as well as design a network solution, so your devices can easily connect and control features like lights, audio, video and more. We explore the optimal networks, products, and placements for the home network services in your Steamboat Springs, CO home, and guarantee a seamless system that can keep up with your automated home and prepare for future innovation.

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Network Speed

With everything connected, from the front door to the light switches, you’re going to need more than what your local internet service provider can offer.

How many times have you watched Netflix or Hulu, only to be interrupted by poor streaming quality? Or had your internet crash while preparing for an important presentation because too many systems were running concurrently?

How Routers Fail and Pakedge Prevails

Basic routers have limits, especially when you’re maxing out their capabilities by having multiple devices competing for attention all at once. When everything is connected, it’s even more imperative to have all your devices professionally wired for optimal performance.

Let us configure the home network services in your Steamboat Springs, CO home with a Control4 network that supports all of your smart devices and plays your entertainment without interruptions. Control4’s Pakedge network processors can process AV network traffic flows at high speeds, so your Netflix show or YouTube stream will never freeze mid-stream.

A router can only reach a radius of about 150 feet, which covers approximately half of a smaller, one-story home. Can you imagine how much of a broader connection you need for a large house? Asking an expert to help you add a wireless access point (WAP) ensures much better performance. We use Pakedge Zones to break down the access type by subnetwork — audio, video, automation, etc. — and position them for best performance.

Enhanced Access

Wireless access points handle complex networks much more nimbly than routers. Just like setting up routers or hardwiring systems, however, finding the perfect locations for these often requires a professional installer. Proper networking also involves equipment that DIYers can’t find via an online store or buy off a shelf.

Though some consider range extenders over access points, they fall short because they depend on other Wi-Fi networks and therefore can’t provide access to Wi-Fi dead zones.

Try Something New!

When you’re thinking of New Year’s resolutions, consider this: Why not get professional help with your smart home services this year? You won’t only reap the benefits immediately after installation, but the right setup will ensure smoother access for devices you install in the future (or maybe some fun smart tech gifts you receive for the holidays.

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