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How to Improve Your Wi-Fi

The Benefits of a Professional Network Installation

How to Improve Your Wi-Fi

According to Dave Evans, former chief futurist at Cisco, the number of connected devices will reach 50 billion in the next five years. In addition to your smartphone, tablet, and personal computer, many home devices have become Wi-Fi enabled—including refrigerators, washing machines, and door locks. Whether you want a coffee maker that connects to your phone or not, manufacturers are headed in that direction, so it’s crucial to be prepared. A high-quality home network will ensure all of your devices run well. Keep reading this blog to learn about how a professional network solution can transform your smart home in Orlando, Florida.

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The Limitations of a Basic Router

The basic router actually has two devices inside—the router which enables the connection to wireless devices—and the modem, which communicates with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Essentially, Wi-Fi is a radio signal, but instead of traveling over large distances it can only travel about 150 feet. Not only is a typical router limited by space, but if it’s especially weak it won’t be able to travel through certain structures like metal ductwork, and stonework. So your Wi-Fi signal may work perfect in your living room, but be unreliable in the bedroom.

How to Improve Your Signal

The first thing you can do to improve the strength and performance of your Wi-Fi is adding a wireless access point which serves as an extended antenna. There are even outdoor WAPs that can extend the signal to your patio and pool areas. WAPs and high-quality routers are usually installed by integrators like us who specialize in audio video and automation technology.

In large homes, multiple WAPs can be spread throughout the house to cover every area. However, placing the WAPs in the precise locations can be tricky. The best solution is to hire a professional to design the layout. Control Designer not only places access points in the proper locations around your home, but we also provide top-notch equipment that you can’t access easily. As a dealer of quality brands, we have routers and modems that will deliver fast internet speeds and reliable performance. If your internet service ever goes down, we have support teams available to help solve the problem and get your smart home running again quickly.

It’s important to equip your home with the right technology for today and tomorrow. To improve your internet performance and support all your wireless devices, contact us online!

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