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How to Host the Ultimate Party with an Outdoor Sound System

Create the Perfect Entertainment Spaces for Family and Neighbors this Summer

How to Host the Ultimate Party with an Outdoor Sound System

The weather is perfect throughout the summer in Steamboat Springs, CO to take in the beautiful outdoors. How can you make sure you take advantage of it before the cold weather comes? Outdoor sound systems are a great way to make your patio, pool and backyard more enjoyable. Use your high-quality speakers to listen to music by the pool or when grilling for your closest friends.

Want to bring the right playlist for any occasion when hosting your summer parties? In this blog, you’ll find out what it takes to get high-quality audio to all your outdoor spaces. Then we’ll show you how easy it is to get access to your favorite artists, albums, and playlists without having to take any vulnerable indoor equipment outside.

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What Type of Speakers Should You Use?

Speakers for your outdoor sound system need to be explicitly designed for that environment. Not only do they need to be able to deal with harsh weather, debris and water, but should also be able to fill large spaces.

As far as the former is concerned, outdoor speakers use sturdy rust-proof materials and tight enclosers that keep any water from seeping in. They can withstand extreme freezing and scorching temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about bringing them in and out for each use.

Enhancing the reach of your speakers comes down to two things. Install directional speakers that send sound in one specific direction and are usually able to cover plenty of ground. Another vital component is having speakers compatible with 70volt amplifiers typically used in outdoor sound systems.

Where Should You Place Your Speakers?              

After you’ve picked out the perfect speakers for your system, it’s time to figure out where to place them. Speaker layout is key to getting powerful, high-quality sound without becoming a nuisance to your neighbors.

The common mistake is mounting a few speakers on exterior walls, which results in uneven volumes that annoy those near the speakers and are inaudible a few feet away. The best layout is one that lines your perimeter—with speakers spaced out every few feet—facing inwards.

What are the most significant benefits of this type of layout? For one, the sound is spread evenly so everyone can enjoy the music no matter where they are. Second, since your speakers are facing inwards, they won’t disrupt the neighbors.

How Do You Get Music to Your Speakers?

The final step in an outdoor sound system setup is getting your favorite content to your speakers. This is where a professional installation is particularly beneficial. As opposed to typical Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speakers people take outside, with a professional sound system you’re not limited to streaming services or the digital library on your phone.

Instead, we include all the necessary wiring to send signals from all your indoor source components to your outdoor spaces. Get access to media libraries, streaming services, CD players and even your vintage turntable. And with our Control4 systems, you can easily adjust your source, skip a song, or lower the volume from the same device.

Are you ready to install an outdoor sound system and transform your summer break? Reach out to one of our experts by calling 888.747.7679 or filling out our online contact form.

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