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The Top Technology for Your 2019 Resolutions

Build Comfort and Convenience Into Your Colorado Home!

The Top Technology for Your 2019 Resolutions

By now, we hope you’ve finalized your list of holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Have you considered that maybe you should buy yourself a gift that helps you meet your home goals next year? With all the new smart home automation tools emerging onto the scene, there’s no excuse not to splurge on some dynamic automation tools for your Steamboat Springs, CO home. Let’s explore some of the offerings Control Designer can help you install.

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Lower Your Carbon Footprint

If your resolutions include lowering your carbon footprint, we know just what you can do to help! During the winter, a quick, energy-saving win involves a quick motorized shade installation. Automated window treatments hold heat inside your home and harvest light during the brightest part of the day, saving both utility costs with a single solution. We also recommend smart home automation that you can control from a remote device since you can shut off unnecessary items while you’re away.

If you’re looking for a rising tech product, the Currant Smart Outlet app identifies artificial intelligence in each usage and determines areas where you can cut back on energy costs. It also sees hidden sources in your home, like plugged-in devices, that are slowly draining your energy and dollars.

Enhance Your Home’s Design

Sure, you love how your technology works, but does it integrate seamlessly with your  home design? It’s hard to answer “Yes!” to that question when your technology stands out from the rest of your home. Fortunately, artistic-panel TVs and hidden speakers give you the seamless design you’re looking for.

We saw the rise of flatter TV screens in the past few years, and now, with displays like the Samsung Frame, you get “TV when it’s on, art when it’s off,” which means you’ll see a 4K HDR picture when you’re watching television and gorgeous art displays when you’re not. Best of all, you can make your home into a museum with famous paintings and photographs located within the Samsung Frame’s immense Art Store.

Similarly, you can hide your speakers throughout your home. We highly recommend the DS700se — Triad’s 2-way invisible loudspeaker. This speaker boasts two vibration panels per channel. One tackles the high frequencies and the other works with lows. With each board fed by an external crossover/limiter, Triad has a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz and power handling of up to 200 watts per channel.

Minimize Devices, Maximize Their Effects

Whether or not you’ve read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” you understand the importance of home organization. Control Designer knows that you don’t want remotes, wires and other technology cluttering your home, so we tuck powerful hardware away from view. If remotes look too busy for your aesthetic, we’d love to help you and consolidate your remote systems onto a wall touchpad that controls the whole home. Free your home from clutter while building the most potent, yet invisible home automation system ever.

Priceless Entertainment

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of making one of your spare rooms into a home theater or media room. Or you want to install a golf simulator or find the perfect projector for your bedroom. Perhaps you have a swimming pool, and you’ve envisioned adding audio, outdoor lighting and televisions outside to showcase this summer. Whatever you hope for, the experts at Control Design will help you create an entertaining home you and guests are sure to love.

New Year, New Home?

We surely hope so! Don’t wait until next year to create a stunning, sustainable home for you and your family. Ready to get started? Call us at 970.744.4444 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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